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Ah winter.  What would we do without it?  I’m not sure, but I’d love to find out. Another week; another 18 inches of snow.  And it’s only mid February, so it’s a long time till spring. Perhaps you think I’m … Continue reading

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At long last we are seeing the first signs of spring. And the first, very tentative, signs of new growth. As you no doubt are beginning to suspect, running water is one of my favorite things about spring. It brings … Continue reading

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San Francisco

No – this is not San Francisco. This is the view from my window in Ottawa as I was packing on Sunday. It has been cold enough, for long enough, that my neighbour has been able to build a skating … Continue reading

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Context is Everything

Any idea what this might be? Cotton batting? Styrofoam? Without context, it’s difficult to say. As it happens, this is a swimming pool. Yesterday. Needless to say, no one seemed all that enthusiastic about actually swimming. The good news is … Continue reading

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So Over It

I took this picture last night. That’s right – March 5th, with Christmas lights still up and a thick coat of snow on the ground. Clearly someone was trying to look on the humorous side of it all… It didn’t … Continue reading

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When something captures my imagination, it tends to capture it completely. I’ve been told it is “part of my charm”. Thank heavens Jan sees it that way, because it’s all too easy to see how someone could find it incredibly … Continue reading

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Kids Being Kids

It’s nice to find someplace where kids can still go out and have an innocent game of pickup hockey without structured supervision, full protective gear, and bubble wrap to keep them safe.

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