At long last we are seeing the first signs of spring.


And the first, very tentative, signs of new growth.

IMG_6888 (2)

As you no doubt are beginning to suspect, running water is one of my favorite things about spring. It brings out the kid in me, and I have an overwhelming urge to play in it. I usually manage to resist…


Of course, I’m talking about the first signs of spring, so there is still lots of ice and snow.



It is still freezing at night, so crystals form as the sun begins to set.


Very cool – in both senses of the word.


Yes, all these pictures were taken today. When I said “first” signs of spring, I really wasn’t kidding.




And if you needed anything more to help you understand why I chose “Finally” for the title of this post, here is a typical street in the neighbourhood. Yes, today.


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1 Response to Finally

  1. sarasinart says:

    Such beautiful and interesting pictures! Enjoy your spring just beginning to come.

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