Context is Everything


Any idea what this might be? Cotton batting? Styrofoam? Without context, it’s difficult to say.

As it happens, this is a swimming pool. Yesterday. Needless to say, no one seemed all that enthusiastic about actually swimming.

The good news is that today the weather finally (F-I-N-A-L-L-Y) turned, and it was above freezing. All the way up to 8 C (mid 40’s F). Not enough to melt the pool quite yet, but enough that people were barely able to contain their glee. I didn’t actually see anyone out in shorts and a t-shirt, but give it a few more degrees and you can count on it. Everything is relative.

I’ll close with another mystery photo. Any idea what this might be?


This is sort of a pool. It’s a picture of Lake Ontario, covered in ice, taken from 20,000 ft. Context is everything…

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