Who Would Have Guessed


The ice sculpture competition at Winterlude attracts artists from around the world. You have the usual suspects for ice sculpture – Canada, USA, Russia and such – but the competition also attracts artists from less obvious places. Like Japan, where it is apparently a very popular art form. There were also artists from Peru and Malaysia. I must admit that last one took me completely by surprise. What exactly would make you think of ice sculpture if you grew up in a tropical country like Malaysia? I have no idea.



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3 Responses to Who Would Have Guessed

  1. Yes, this is very surprising ! But the sculptures are beautiful ! Maybe they train on wood ?

  2. One of the artists was carving the ice with a chainsaw, so maybe they do practice on wood…

  3. Jet Eliot says:

    It’s a unique craft, and a beautiful one. lovely photos. 🙂

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