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Just one small example of the amazing detail you will see at Jerash in Jordan.

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Shades of Purple

It’s strange how you never know. One of my more popular posts so far was simply titled “Purple”. Who knew it was such a popular color. But it got me thinking about just how many shades of purple I could … Continue reading

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More Fungi

When I started this blog, I imagined the photographs would be secondary to the writing. At best. I’ve never been one to put much effort into editing pictures. I have friends who will spend hours editing a single photograph until … Continue reading

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Denizen of the Deep

Okay, not really. But every time I look at this photograph it evokes images of a mysterious deep sea creature gliding over the ocean floor, illuminated by a lone diver’s torch. That may be my creative side trying to emerge … Continue reading

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Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

The stone walls in Jordan make the perfect canvas for portraits of flowers and ants.

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Reality – What a Concept

The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian hotel complex in Las Vegas includes a replica of St. Mark’s Square. I’ve never been to Venice, so I really can’t comment on the realism, but one thing did strike me. The “sky”. … Continue reading

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What Happens in Vegas …

I’ve heard that people either love Las Vegas, or they hate it. I don’t love it. And yet, I  recommend you see it – once. I think in the early days Vegas sought to imitate – perhaps even parody – … Continue reading

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