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I have a weakness for beer, especially interesting beer. This makes Portland a very dangerous place. It appears that Ian has the same problem. Genetics will do that to you. When we checked in last night, we asked for restaurant … Continue reading

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Day three began with a morning run going nowhere in particular, but taking us past a school play structure that looked like something out of a fairy tale. Log forts, turrets, spiral slides, and all manner of things that would … Continue reading

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Trial By GPS

The day began with a problem. Fortunately it was not my problem to fix. I hadn’t been certain of this at check-in when the not-so-friendly night manager had insisted I didn’t qualify for the “friends-and-family” rate shown on my reservation. … Continue reading

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Business Travel 101

Over the years I’ve done a fair bit of business travel. Some people think I have actually traveled a lot. Not true. I’ve met people who routinely spend over 200 nights a year in hotels. They travel a lot. That … Continue reading

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Sand In My Shoes

Sand in my shoes. It was all I had to remind me of an amazing day spent in Wadi Rum. Except for a few hundred pictures, that is. I’ll admit that when I decided to visit Jordan, I wasn’t convinced … Continue reading

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