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It’s October and the leaves are near the peak of their colour. No need to say anything more.

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Flowers Within Fowers

It is strange the details that you can completely miss, until someone points them out to you.  We planted flowers in the pots on our patio this year, just as we do every year. They add a splash of colour … Continue reading

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Dragonfly Day

To be completely honest, I’ve never really thought about where Dragonflies come from.  But if I had thought about it, I probably would have said they hatched from eggs and then … I don’t know … grew up … in … Continue reading

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The Giant’s Causeway

We’ve always wanted to see the Giant’s Causeway, so we absolutely had to include in on our itinerary for this trip. We had considered renting a car, but in the end (fortunately) we opted for a bus tour to spare … Continue reading

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We took the train to Belfast late yesterday, and checked into our hotel before having a light meal and retiring early.  We’ve been traveling for over a week now, so today we decided it was time for a quiet day.  … Continue reading

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When we were planning this trip, people kept asking us what we planned to do for a full week in Dublin – as if you could possibly see everything that Dublin (or any other city) has to offer in a … Continue reading

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Poolbeg Lighthouse

It was another walking day today as we decided to visit Poolbeg lighthouse, which is described as an “iconic red lighthouse reachable by a lengthy seawall that attracts sightseers, anglers & cyclists”. It looked reasonably close.  It wasn’t. But it … Continue reading

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Deep Dive

If you are ever in Dublin, I would highly recommend visiting the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Compared to some, it’s fairly small, but it has excellent displays that delve into Irish history, from the Neolithic through the Vikings … Continue reading

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Tuesday in Dublin – Part 2

Amazingly, some of us weren’t interested in a 20 km walk yesterday, so we split up for the day. While we were walking in the park, J & D explored the Viking/Medieval area of Dublin. I mentioned earlier that we … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park

We decided on a change of pace for today. After spending yesterday in the museum, we decided today would be spent outside, so we headed to Phoenix park. The park is about a 30 minute walk from our hotel, and … Continue reading

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