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The Last Sunset

One of the more stunning things about Jordan is the sunsets. Sometimes the camera just can’t capture the colors, but sometimes it works. This picture from our last evening in Jordan comes close. I’m back home now, but I plan … Continue reading

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Sippy Cup Central

The origins of traditions are often shrouded in mystery. That is certainly true in this case.  But the way traditions become firmly established is far more transparent. It takes repetition, pure and simple. So this weekend we did our bit … Continue reading

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The End Is Near

… the end of the day, of course. What did you think I meant? After a very full day in Petra (we covered 20 km on foot) we headed back to the hotel for a sauna and a cold beverage … Continue reading

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Amazing But True

We saw some fascinating rock carvings in Siq Burrah in Wadi Rum, and came across this one. It looks a lot like a carving of a Brontosaurus.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the implications.

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Barter For Dummies

I could use a book like that, because when it comes to bartering, I definitely qualify as a dummy. But I get the sense that it could be a lot worse, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. We took a taxi … Continue reading

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

At the Place of High Sacrifice in Petra, there are two obelisks on the top of a mountain. Apparently the obelisks were not erected on top of the mountain; the mountain was carved away to create the obelisks. Very impressive. … Continue reading

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Too many pictures of Petra to share today, so I’ll continue with the stairs theme. Coming down from the Place of High Sacrifice, the stairs are rather steep, without railings even though there is a steep drop on one side. … Continue reading

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