Deep Dive

If you are ever in Dublin, I would highly recommend visiting the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Compared to some, it’s fairly small, but it has excellent displays that delve into Irish history, from the Neolithic through the Vikings and the Middle Ages. Admission is free, so you can visit as often as you like. For us, that can be dangerous because we are “museum people”, and we can take a deep dive into the most arcane topics.  Take for example this late Bronze Age wooden wheel.


This single exhibit led to at least an hour of discussion and research over the course of two visits to the museum as we tried to decide if it was made from a single piece of wood, or multiple pieces.  In the end, we finally realized the information was there all along, if we only looked more closely.


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2 Responses to Deep Dive

  1. Anonymous says:

    Neat design! How big was it?

  2. The wheel is a little over a metre in diameter. And yes, it definitely is a neat design.

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