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Combination Lock

One of the exhibits in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm showed a combination lock for a chest, recovered when the ship was salvaged. This picture shows the inside of the chest, so that you can see the mechanism. Ingenious.

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Vasa Museum – Stockholm

In 1626 King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden commissioned a warship that was to be the pride of his fleet and secure his dominance of the Baltic Sea. The ship was completed in 1628 and on her maiden voyage sailed less … Continue reading

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Deep Dive

If you are ever in Dublin, I would highly recommend visiting the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Compared to some, it’s fairly small, but it has excellent displays that delve into Irish history, from the Neolithic through the Vikings … Continue reading

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Rainy Day in Dublin

We are staying on the western edge of Temple Bar in Dublin.  I’m really quite pleased that we are on the edge of Temple Bar because it would be a lot rowdier if we were in the center.  This is … Continue reading

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