I haven’t been traveling at all for a while now. My last trip was early December. It’s one of those “good news – bad news” stories best shared over a drink, so I won’t go into it here. I’m okay with this development – I like it at home, even in winter. But it has limited my opportunities to take pictures. So I’m turning my attention, at least for now, to the one photography subject that is available in abundance. Snow. Even though it has started to melt (unusually early, as it happens) it will be some time before it’s all gone.

To start, let me go back to December 22nd.


In late December the snow always looks so festive, blanketing a drab brown landscape with fresh white snow.

By mid February you are no longer thinking back to the dull fall landscape. If you are an optimist, you are looking forward to the fresh green of spring. Of course, if you are a realist, you are looking out your front door to see this…


And between those two dates we were treated to more of the same, so the snow was beginning to pile up. It was around this time that we reached an important milestone – the snowbank in the front yard was higher than me.


Needless to say, those tender green shoots of spring have no intention of poking out any time soon.

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5 Responses to Winter

  1. Beautiful! Grateful I don’t live in it, but I love seeing photos!

  2. Ahh but when spring finally does arrive it is so incredibly wonderful.

  3. Rupali says:

    Lovely pictures.

  4. Thanks – glad you like them. Still more to come…

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