It was gorgeous today. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky, perfect for a walk to check out the melting snow. There is something about running water, especially from melting snow, that brings out the kid in me.


You will note there is even a hint of green showing. Unfortunately it is still just a hint. the big picture shows that we still have a way to go before spring.




In case you are thinking we only have snow in the forest, this is not the case. The streets were mostly clear, which is wonderful for walking, but there is still lots of snow on all the lawns. I rather like this picture because you can see the layers of snow from each snowfall over the winter, almost like a sedimentary rock.


I’ll leave you with two pictures. The first shows the interesting textures even when everything is brown, if you only look.


And finally, the sun glistening on the running water.


I’ll try to keep posting pictures of snow until the last drift melts. It could be a while…


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