Back To Reality

Less than twelve hours after arriving home from Barcelona, I was off again. This is not nearly as exciting or as important as it may sound. Fortunately, it is also not a typical occurrence. Thank heavens.

After a week of lovely weather in Barcelona, freezing rain was quite a shock to the system, and of course meant the plane needed de-icing.


An afternoon of meetings in D.C. followed by an evening train ride put me in Philadelphia for meetings the next two days. It is a wonderful location on the 45th floor, offering stunning views of the city. At least it usually does. This time the view was somewhat limited.


But walking back to the hotel in the fog offered some interesting views. It almost felt like I was in London.



But the next day was sunny with clear skies. What a difference.



After four weeks on the road, I am ready for a long rest. Fortunately this is my last trip until mid January.

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5 Responses to Back To Reality

  1. Lovely photos. And so nice that you saw, and shared, the beauty that was there!

  2. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You need to post more 😉

  4. It has been a while, hasn’t it. I haven’t been traveling lately, and I’m not sure when I will begin again, but I’ll look through some of my old pictures for inspirations.

    Glad you enjoy the posts…

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