The Final Day

On our last full day in Barcelona we retraced some of the same route we had taken a week ago, just after we arrived. We discovered a small market with local food and wine that we assumed we’d missed last week. But then, by the cathedral in the Gothic district, we found a Christmas market. Last week it had definitely not been there, so perhaps the local products market was new as well. Who knows?



To finish the day, we enjoyed a glass of Cava back at the apartment to celebrate a successful visit to Barcelona.


It’s a good thing we got lots of walking in today, because tomorrow is a full day sitting in the plane.


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2 Responses to The Final Day

  1. sarasinart says:

    Have a good trip back. Thanks for sharing such a nice journey.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pictures from the trip. We had a great time in Barcelona and a safe, though tiring, trip back. Unfortunately, 12 hours later I was off again to DC and Philly, this time for work. But that’s it for this year.

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