Today we went wine tasting. Earlier this year we were in Sonoma and so we expected that the terrain in the Okanagan would be similar. Boy were we wrong.


They say that to reach its full potential, vines have to be stressed to concentrate the flavours. High yields mean watery wine, while marginal conditions can lead to rich intense wines. It isn’t difficult to see why the wines here are great when you look at the landscape in the Okanagan.


It also provides many stunning views.


IMG_7415In some places the vines are budding, with the leaves just beginning to show.


Many of the hills are also covered in bright yellow flowers.



There is still snow in the mountains, and the streams are running as the snow melts.


Of course, there was also more than a little wine tasting. Maybe tomorrow I’ll include a photo of that.

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1 Response to Okanagan

  1. Lena says:

    Very beautiful veiws with the mountains.

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