Wine and Cheese

Our first stop today was an artisanal goat cheese shop just south of Kelowna.   You drive out of town along the lake, past the houses, past the cottages and then past the vineyards. As you drive the road gets narrower and more winding. It looks like you are about to drive off the end of the world.


Eventually you arrive in an area that looks like the only thing it would support is goats.


And sure enough, goats are exactly what you find.


And where there are goats, there is a cheese shop. Not always, but in this case, very true. In the summer, the shop is packed and they can’t keep up with demand. But this is early in the season, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.


You can taste everything from Labne (thick yogurt) to aged blue cheese – all of it made from Goat’s milk.


The view from the shop is as wonderful as the cheese.


If you have the chance, I highly recommend you visit. After we bought our cheese, we had a panini (with Goat’s cheese, of course) followed by gelato made with goat’s milk. Fabulous.

Then it was time for more wine tasting. The tasting room is in the middle of the vineyard. The Pinot Noir grapes are just budding.


Many of the tasting rooms have wonderful views over the vineyards and the lake. The wines are great too.


Later in the summer the tasting rooms will be crowded, but today…


I find it is much better to visit in the off season where you can have a long discussion about the wines, the vineyards and life in general.

I’ll close tonight with a few pictures from the pasture at the cheese shop.





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  1. G&J says:

    Labne ….. yum! 🙂

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