The Cheese Shop

Over the weekend we drove up the Fraser River valley to visit a very small cheese shop.


And when I say small, I really do mean small. It is family-run, they make their own cheese, and just outside the store the children were feeding the baby goats.


They also sell farm fresh eggs, though unfortunately they had run out by the time we were there.


Later we went for a walk along one of the many little parks around Coquitlam and enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air.



More interesting pictures of trees, apparently healthy in spite of a hole right through the base.


And as you can see, the path was very crowded…


Today we are going wine tasting in the Okanagan. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting pictures to post.

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2 Responses to The Cheese Shop

  1. Lena says:

    Beautiful place, Isn’t it nice with these small family shops in the country.

  2. Definitely wonderful places, though many of them are rather hard to find. We have another one in our sights for tomorrow – hopefully we’ll find it without too much difficulty.

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