The first time I came to Jordan, we hiked down Wadi Dana, and were fortunate enough to spot a blue lizard, which we were told are very rare. I’m thinking they are not quite so rare as we were led to believe. Either that, or we were extremely lucky.

The first one we spotted was quite far away, and the picture was not worth showing. The second one was better, but I still had to use full zoom to get even a reasonably decent photo.


But before long, we saw another one, this time much closer.


And then, another…


Apparently these are Agama lizards, and they can change colour. The dominant males show off by rapidly turning their bodies blue, but most are green and brown.


They just kept on coming.


And just to prove we saw more than lizards…


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5 Responses to Blue

  1. Yes, they are rather cute, aren’t they … In a reptilian sort of way, mind you.

  2. sarasinart says:

    Aren’t they beautiful little creatures. You got great pictures of them.

  3. Thank you. We had lots to choose from that day.

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