Washington – Again

I really enjoy visiting Washington D.C. I’m not entirely sure I would enjoy living there, unless of course I happened to come into a small fortune. Otherwise, I suspect the commute would get old rather quickly. But when I visit, I work right downtown (across from Metro Center) and stay at hotels within walking distance. This makes Washington a very “walkable” city. Today I will offer a random selection of pictures from my walk to and from work on a recent visit.


A flag on a random building.


The Washington monument visible over the trees in the park.


The Washington monument, illuminated by the setting sun, visible over the White House.


Contrasting architectural styles – always a sign of a living city.


And finally, the “crazy man” preaching, very loudly, that “you are all going to go to hell”. One of the things I love about America is that people like this are allowed to freely speak their mind – and given the appropriate amount of attention. Other than one student who appears to be taking his picture, everyone else is completely ignoring him.

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2 Responses to Washington – Again

  1. George says:

    Terrific town to visit for so many reasons. One could spend weeks there and still not see everything.

  2. Sigh – I know. I have spent many weeks there over the years and have barely scratched the surface.

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