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58 Days and Counting

In the fall they lower the water level in the Rideau canal and let the surface freeze. Once it gets cold enough, and the ice is thick enough, they sweep the ice and flood the surface most every night. As … Continue reading

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So Over It

I took this picture last night. That’s right – March 5th, with Christmas lights still up and a thick coat of snow on the ground. Clearly someone was trying to look on the humorous side of it all… It didn’t … Continue reading

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The Art of Balance

On our last visit to Vancouver we went for a walk along the seawall around Stanley Park. It is wonderful to take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge in the bright sunshine – especially if there is still snow … Continue reading

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Vancouver Winter

I’m tempted to say that a Vancouver winter is an oxymoron,but that isn’t really fair. Someone recently told me that in southern California, winter is that season when it might rain. Winter in Vancouver, on the other hand, is the … Continue reading

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