58 Days and Counting


In the fall they lower the water level in the Rideau canal and let the surface freeze. Once it gets cold enough, and the ice is thick enough, they sweep the ice and flood the surface most every night. As you skate, you have a clear view of the limestone blocks used to build the canal. The skating season varies, but this year has smashed all previous records. As of today, the canal has been open for skating 58 days in a row, and the season isn’t over yet.


I went out again yesterday, and skated the full 7.8 km, and then back again to my starting point. It was only a few degrees below freezing, but the ice was still surprisingly fast. Especially for the end of the first week of March.

One of the things I like about skating the canal is that it gives you a different view of the city.


I’m looking forward to a view with leaves on the trees.

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6 Responses to 58 Days and Counting

  1. Great memories… my kids still enjoy it… 🙂

  2. It is one of the truly unique things about Ottawa. But I’m still looking forward to the end of skating season and the arrival of spring.

  3. I remember… we all did even then… Happy end of winter, then

  4. Jet Eliot says:

    Thanks for sharing this different view of Ottawa. I have enjoyed reading about the canals here, but I understand your need to look ahead toward spring…it shant be long now…. 🙂

  5. mickscogs says:

    This is a world of which I know nothing; thanks for the enlightenment.

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed it – though I’m still looking forward to spring.

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