Vancouver Winter


I’m tempted to say that a Vancouver winter is an oxymoron,but that isn’t really fair. Someone recently told me that in southern California, winter is that season when it might rain. Winter in Vancouver, on the other hand, is the season where it is guaranteed to rain. You can’t miss it. Everything is green, while in the summer you may see a lot of brown. If you head up to the Capilano suspension bridge, as we did a few years back when I took these pictures, you quickly find yourself in a rain forest.


In the city, everything is in bloom this time of year.


To put this in perspective, when I looked out my side door today, this is what I saw.


We are heading out to Vancouver in two weeks. I’m looking forward to a break from the Ottawa winters.

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2 Responses to Vancouver Winter

  1. Anonymous says:

    We will be in Vancouver 21 March — if ur still there we should connect!! Don

  2. Looks like we will just miss you – we fly back on the 19th. But I’m sure we will be back, so maybe on the next trip. It would be good to catch up – it has been a while…

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