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I work with technology in my day job, but it’s also a bit of a hobby. I enjoy helping people with their computer “challenges”, so it isn’t unusual to be asked for tech support. That was the case on our visit to Vancouver, where I was greeted with a number of misbehaving computers ready to be beaten into submission. As I say, I actually enjoy the challenge so I really didn’t expect anything in return. After all, we were already being treated to wonderful meals, free accommodation, and stunning scenery.


One of my other hobbies is craft beer. I don’t brew it, but I enjoy sampling it. Vancouver has a very active brewing scene so our final afternoon was devoted to checking out a few local microbreweries. To thank me for the tech support, Ger offered to be the designated driver for the outing, and paid for our drinks. Unnecessary, but much appreciated. Joan and I decided on an area with a concentration of microbreweries and, as it happens, interesting architecture.IMG_0536


To be completely honest, the interesting architecture was an unexpected bonus. Our real motivation was interesting beer, and we found plenty of that to sample while Ger and Jan went shopping. It was a win-win.


Everything was within easy walking distance. In fact, it probably would have been better if we’d had to walk a little farther between stops. And in addition to an intriguing selection of locally brewed beer, the tasting rooms also had many interesting details.


Then it was back for another meeting of The Other Champagne Club, followed by homemade pizza with an authentic wood-fired taste.


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2 Responses to Tech Support

  1. BuntyMcC says:

    What? No recommendations?

  2. I would highly recommend any, or all, or the three microbreweries we tried: 33 Acres, Main St., and Brassneck Brewery. They all have excellent beer, but ironically “33 Acres” is quite small, “Main St.” is on 7th Ave., and “Brassneck” (which actually is on Main St.) is completely decorated in wood without a single brass neck anywhere to be found. I suspect the names were all picked after a long night of sampling the merchandise.

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