I’ve been posting so much about the lovely nature trails around Vancouver that I may have given the wrong impression. Vancouver is a city – a very wonderful city. It just happens to have equally wonderful nature areas very nearby. But make no mistake. It definitely is a city.


Don’t get me wrong here. I love hikes and flowers and trees, but these are not the essence of travel as I see it. The critical ingredients for any successful journey are food and drink. Come to think of it, these are pretty much the key ingredients for life in general. In recognition of this, day three was devoted to food.


We visited Granville Island, which is one of the artsy/foodie/trendy areas  of Vancouver, but without the gentrification that can take the interesting edge off an area.


We had lunch at Go Fish, which could best be described as a food truck without wheels. I highly recommend you try it.


But go early, and don’t go on the weekend. On a Tuesday in March we still had a half hour wait for our lunch. But what a lunch. I had an Oyster Po’ Boy that was to die for.


Then it was off to the market to stock up on  the ingredients for the evening meal. Chocolate was not the only thing we bought, but it was an important consideration.


The title for this post comes from an amazing truffled Brie we had for an appetizer, and the main course was Joan’s homemade Paella with a lovely 2009 Rioja. This is pretty much our idea of the perfect trip – spending your days planning for an evening eating wonderful food with friends.




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3 Responses to Trufflessence

  1. Vancouver sounds delightful. You can enjoy what a vibrant city has to offer, but nature is never too far away 🙂

  2. Great info! Looks scrumptious!

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