All Good Things Must Come To An End…


As we were packing for Vancouver the weather forecast showed rain for the full week. Compared to the snow in Ottawa, rain sounded pretty decent, so we were only a little disappointed. The light drizzle on our hike to Crystal Falls the first day turned to steady rain by evening, which was not a great sign. But by morning the forecast improved somewhat – “clear today but rain tomorrow”. And that was pretty much the story for the rest of the week. Clear today but rain tomorrow. Until our last day, when the rain finally arrived. Fortunately, the only thing on the agenda was a trip to the airport for our flight home, where we were greeted by this…


A late March snowstorm may bring a smile to a snowman’s face, but it certainly didn’t bring one to mine. It’s hard to believe that only a few days ago we were sitting on the deck enjoying a glass of wine.


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1 Response to All Good Things Must Come To An End…

  1. Joan says:

    Ouch. Sorry about that snowman …….

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