Too many pictures of Petra to share today, so I’ll continue with the stairs theme. Coming down from the Place of High Sacrifice, the stairs are rather steep, without railings even though there is a steep drop on one side. I love them. This picture gives you a small sense of what you will experience there.

Jordan 23 Apr 220

We learned today that in some cases there are very good reasons for not bothering with railings and other safety features. You often see stairs cut into the side of the hill, appearing to go nowhere in particular. These looked very strange, until we were told  they were provided for the Gods to come down and take the spirits up to Heaven. Here is a good example.

Jordan 23 Apr 064

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3 Responses to Petra

  1. RCTaylor says:

    Still waiting on details about sippy cups and wine camel pairings. (Not to mention the implications of wine consumption and stairways to heaven; perhaps they should post a warning sign about that 🙂

  2. An update on camel / wine pairings will be coming soon. As for warning signs, I am cautiously optimistic that we will not be seeing more of those.

  3. Joan says:

    Yes, very interested to hear about the sippy cup thing …. 🙂 Well, your interpretation of it!

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