Sippy Cup Central

The origins of traditions are often shrouded in mystery. That is certainly true in this case.  But the way traditions become firmly established is far more transparent. It takes repetition, pure and simple. So this weekend we did our bit to cement the sippy cup tradition.

It’s pretty simple really. Take a sippy cup, add wine, find a desert and some camels. When you put them all together and you get something like this.

Jordan Apr 26-28 132 Jordan Apr 26-28 151 Jordan Apr 26-28 156

I’m sure the tradition will continue to evolve over time. For one thing, I think it may eventually involve a proper wine sippy cup – if you can accept that there is such a thing as a “proper wine sippy cup”. But having come this far, I think it could work.

Of course, after a hard day riding camels – or even a soft five minutes – what better thing to do than share a cold beverage on the arch while enjoying the stunning scenery in Wadi Rum.

Jordan Apr 26-28 185

A small campfire at sunset completed the day.

Jordan Apr 26-28 212 Jordan Apr 26-28 232

Well, it almost completed the day. The perfect finishing touch was driving through the desert after dark, listening to Abba’s Dancing Queen. But I’ll save that one for another post.

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2 Responses to Sippy Cup Central

  1. RCT says:

    Ah !, so it wasn’t wine but really Wadi Rum in those sippy cups…

  2. It was wine, but now that I think about it, that would be an interesting variation on the idea…

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