We had a couple of options for tours today. One of them involved beer tasting, so guess which one I picked. We started with a local Sausage shop where we had a sandwich made with Regensburg sausages. Apparently every town and village in Germany has their own distinctive type of sausage, and every one of them claims that theirs is the best. For a bit of added character, the back wall of the sausage shop is part of the medieval city walls.

City wall from 1320

And then we visited one of Regensburg’s breweries. We were told it was one of many in the city.

Dunkles Weizen

For the record, these weren’t full size beers, just tasters. After our beer tasting, we were treated to pralines – very tasty. On our way back to teh boat we passed the old stone bridge, which is one of the Regensburg landmarks

Stone Bridge in Regensburg

We had excellent views from the bridge.

I get the definite sense that work, order, and timeliness have been very important here for some time. It seems that one is never far from a clock tower where you can check the time. I did find it interesting that even though Roman numerals were used on the clocks, the number four was shown as IIII rather than IV. I’m sure there is a story behind this, but I haven’t found it yet. If anyone knows the reason, please do let me know.

We are on a river cruise, but the first two days the boat was more like a floating hotel – it hardly moved at all. But this evening things finally got underway, and we sailied along the river during dinner. There will be a lot more over the next few days.

Dinner on the Boat

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