Our river cruise wasn’t able to start in Nuremberg. One of the canal locks was under repair, so we boarded in Kelheim. AMA Waterways took advantage of this change, and offered us an alternative tour – a boat ride through the Danube river gorge and a tour of a Benedictine monastery, established in the 7th century.

The church in the monastery is famous for its interior decorations. I try not to post many pictures of church interiors – they more or less all look the same – but I couldn’t resist this picture from the inside of the monastery. Not your usual altar…

But the real reason that I enjoy visiting monasteries is that they often brew very tasty beer.

As part of the tour, we were offered a pretzel and a glass of the abbey ale. I felt it would be an insult to the monks … and perhaps even to God? … if I refused to drink the beer. So even though it was before noon, I felt pressure to enjoy the beer. (It didn’t take all that much pressure, to be honest.)

A Religious Experience?

While walking on the tour, we spotted some of the local flora and fauna.

After lunch back on the boat, we took a hike up the hill to Liberation Hall, a monument celebration victory in the Napoleonic wars, and liberation of the Germanic Federation.

After hiking up the hill to the monument, we climbed up the narrow circular staircase to the top of the monument. It was a significant additional effort, but well worth it with stunning views of the inside of the monument, and of the Danube river.

And then it was back down the hill to the boat.

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