Windington AKA Windy Wellington

Today we took advantage of the lovely weather to just wander around downtown Wellington. Yesterday’s hike up the mountain and our aching legs had nothing to do with it at all. Honest.

We headed down to the waterfront where we had a lovely view of the Museum of New Zealand.

As we were walking along the waterfront there were a wide variety of musical performers – violin accompanied by a dancer, a man playing bagpipes and taking requests, and this – live opera from a “tower”. Not something I’ve ever seen before.

As suggested by the title, apparently Wellington is known as “Windy Wellington” or “Windington”. We really hadn’t been exposed to that aspect of Wellington … until today. Hold onto your hats – literally.

And if there was any doubt, these flags give you a sense of the wind.

We couldn’t put a word to it, but there was something about Wellington that we really enjoyed. It just felt right, and kinda has a funky vibe. These were “origami” statues in front of the Museum of New Zealand.

Random buildings had art like this.

And then, there was Cuba street. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Last, but not least, there is the craft beer scene in Wellington.
Actually, in all of New Zealand, but today we were in Wellington, so I went to Whistling Sisters and tried a flight of their beers.

Tomorrow we are back on the road heading north.

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