Buns of Steel Workout #17

I’ve been told gyms have machines that project nature trails during workouts, and that many of those trails are from New Zealand. We’ve been trying to check it out on this trip. Today we took the path to the Te Ahumairangi Hill lookout in Wellington. I thought it would be medium difficulty. Oops.

This isn’t part of the trail. It’s the gentle slope leading up to the start of the trail.

This is the trail.

Turns out that was the gentle part of the trail. It got steeper.

And steeper. The path was also a bit of an obstacle course with tree roots giving your ankles a workout and providing regular balance challenges.

And then … we realized we were only at the halfway point. But the second half of the hike was … pretty much like the first half.

But when we got to the top it was totally worth it, with stunning views of Wellington and the sea. I keep telling myself that.

Along the way up, and down, there were countless gorgeous flowers. So of course, I’m going to show them to you.

At the bottom of the hill we walked past the Sprig + Fern Tavern. Not really. We actually walked into the Sprig + Fern Tavern. Those of you who know Jan may be surprised to hear that she ordered a beer (technically it was a Ginger Driver, but it had beer in it) and suggested we sit at the bar to drink it. In a trip of many firsts, this one stands out. After climbing the hill, it was cool, refreshing, and generally divine. My Nectaron Pale Ale was delicious as well.

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