The flight from Montreal to Dublin is relatively short at just over six hours. Of course, that means that even if you close your eyes immediately after takeoff, and if you can sleep just about anywhere, you are still going to get a poor night’s sleep. And if you are like most people, you will be lucky to get any sleep at all.  Let’s just say that one of us had a poor night’s sleep, while that rest were lucky to get any sleep at all.  So we spent the day walking around Dublin, getting a feel for our surroundings, and trying to stay awake.  Mostly we enjoyed relaxing in St. Stephen’s Green where the flowers were in full bloom.




Walking around the park there are a number of signs remembering the 1916 Easter Rebellion, including a poignant reminder of how it was suppressed.  You can still see bullet holed in the arch at the entrance to the park.


It was a low-key day, so we just wandered around letting our feet take us where they wanted.  Here was an interesting shot of the architecture inside the St. Stephens Shopping Centre.


And I’ll end with more street art, and a wish for the day…


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