Day 6 – Quebec City Revisited

We planned our return trip so that today would be a short drive, to allow time to explore old Quebec City. Good thing, because it was not an easy drive. The rain from yesterday was back with a vengeance and visibility was abysmal for much of the drive.


Notice the barely visible car emerging from the mist? Fortunately I noticed it in plenty of time to slow down.


Needless to say we were pleased to arrive in Quebec City, park the car for the day, and head out for lunch at the 3 Brasseurs for pizza and a Milkshake IPA. In addition to being quite possibly the best beer I have ever tasted, this is the only time I have ever ordered a beer and been asked if I am lactose intolerant.


By the time we had finished lunch the rain had let up for the day, and we set out to wander around the city. There is so much to see in Quebec City that it is difficult to decide what to show, but I will try to pick out a few themes. I’ll start with the citadel, beginning with a view of a weather vane seen over the walls.


We walked around the base of the citadel, providing many interesting views, including this shot of a cannon protruding from the walls.


Many of the old buildings have copper roofs, which over time age to a dark green. A number of the buildings are being renovated, so we saw some newly installed copper roofs.


You will notice that some of the roof has already turned from the new “salmon” colour to a light brown. We were curious about how quickly this happens, and learned this can happen within a matter of days. The change from brown to green is much slower, and can take an additional 5 – 8 years. This picture shows both the new and the old roofs.


Quebec City has a decidedly European feel, with many historic buildings. I will show just two to give a feel for what the city has to offer. First, detail from a clock tower.


And next, a shot of a historic street near the citadel.


We spent a good while following the old city walls, but I am not going to show you any pictures of that today. Instead I am going to focus on a different aspect of Quebec City – the range of architectural styles that coexist in close proximity within the city.

I’ll begin with a shot of the different roof styles.


Next, I want to show a view of the Chateau Frontenac, but one that captures a number of different styles.


The range of architectural styles sometimes shows up in the additions to the buildings over the years. In this case, the subsequent stages are apparent in this wall.


As we were making our way back to the hotel, we came across another  scene, with 1940’s architecture and 1960’s architecture bracketing an orphanage built in 1850.


And finally, a shot of the same orphanage from a different angle that illustrates the range of styles, from the 1850 orphanage to a starkly modern apartment building, with art deco and brutalist 60’s/70’s architecture in between.


You also find buildings like this.



When we were almost back at our hotel we passed a small park and on a whim decided to have a look. Another good call. It was a beautiful oasis in the city with waterfalls, ponds and flowers beautifully arranged.






We finished the day with a lovely dinner at a local microbrewery called Noctem, which was the perfect end to the day.



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