Out Like a Lion

Remember Groundhog Day? I said it confused me because in my experience “six more weeks of winter” and “an early spring” were pretty much the same thing. Well, here we are seven weeks later and counting, and yesterday we were greeted to this…


By the time everything was said and done, we probably had close to six inches of fresh snow, on top of several feet that hadn’t melted yet. Nothing was cancelled. Traffic was slow but manageable. It was business as usual, except for a collective “enough already”. It’s about time for spring.

But I try to focus on the positive. It really was pretty – or it would have been if it had been mid December rather than the end of March. The street scene was like something right out of Narnia.


The large snow flakes and the light created a surreal effect – now that I think about it, probably the perfect effect for these times.


This morning we woke to this…


Definitely a winter wonderland – other than the fact it’s March 25th.



I am sooo ready for spring.


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5 Responses to Out Like a Lion

  1. Rod says:

    +9 today in Saskaberia!

  2. Incredible……sooooo ready for spring too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok. You win (lose) the weather wars 😳

  4. sarasinart says:

    I’m ready for spring too, and we didn’t have all that! You sure got some great pictures, and it is pretty.

  5. I agree it is pretty – when you are safe and warm inside the house. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

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