Jerash Revisited

Today I’m going back to my Jordan visit last spring. This was my fourth visit to Jerash. It is an absolutely amazing place, and I highly recommend a visit if you ever have the chance. Jerash provides many stunning images of Roman ruins – one of my favorite topics. But instead of the typical images of Jerash I will try to show it from a different perspective, but first, I’ll set the stage. Jerash is known for the incredible number of columns that have remained standing, in spite of being in an active earthquake zone. This is a classic view of Jerash, but note the one thing missing – people…


One thing I love about Jordan is that you are free to wander off the beaten path and find views like this…IMG_2687

Or this…


And you have the opportunity to examine the ruins up close.


As you wander around the site, you see the ruins from many different angles, and the effect can be quite dramatic. From a distance you see this…


But when you get closer, you see this…


Which then turns into this as you walk away …


And of course, I can’t resist closing with flowers, because that is what everyone expects to see in Jordan. Not.




Okay – maybe one last picture of the columns.


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2 Responses to Jerash Revisited

  1. J&G says:

    That was a great day!

  2. Indeed it was. Looking forward to the return visit.

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