Business travel is a bit of a mixed blessing. On the plus side, you have the opportunity to see new cities while someone else picks up the tab. I recently spent a week in Denver, and my out of pocket expenses were negligible.

On the negative side, the people who are paying for the trip expect you to work. So the amount of the city I saw was also negligible. The highlight of my day was walking across the street to grab breakfast.


A long mostly-pedestrian mall runs for a dozen blocks through downtown Denver. I say “mostly-pedestrian” because a free bus service runs the length of the mall. But other than the risk of getting hit by a bus, it’s pretty safe. And at 7:00 AM the streets are nearly deserted of buses and pedestrians anyway. It provides a hint of what I might have seen if I hadn’t been in meetings all day.


And of course, being in Colorado, you find some rather interesting stores, right there beside the 7-Eleven.


It adds new meaning to Rocky Mountain High.

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2 Responses to Denver

  1. sarasinart says:

    Did you get some? 🙂

  2. Interesting story there. True, it’s very easy to purchase, but when they say it is for private use, they really do mean “private”. The list with the rules detailing where you cannot consume it is as long as your arm. The acceptable area pretty much comes down to “in your own home”. It explicitly rules out hotel rooms, even if you could find one where you were allowed to smoke. So in the end I gave it a pass.

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