A Quiet Day in Amman

As you may have noticed, I am slowly working my way through my trip to Jordan and Israel in April of this year, interspersed with various side trips in North America. As I do that, I’m even going to include some of the slow days, because these often show a completely different side of a city.

The Amman museum is well worth an extended visit, but with the opportunity to visit so many of the actual archeological sites, we limited ourselves to a few hours, and then headed to the heart of the city. That is an adventure in itself, and one that I would not recommend unless you have a local behind the wheel.


As you can see, driving in Amman can be an adventure in itself. Fortunately we had Jamal to drive for us.


Our objective was a very small Falafel shop, highly recommended by none other than Jamal. Which is a good thing, because I don’t think that we would have been likely to walk down this street without a trusted recommendation.


And I am positive that we would not have stopped at the shop without Jamal.


But we did stop, and it was well worth it. We had falafel sandwiches, and falafel with red onion filling. Yummy.


On our way home we stopped at a local shop to pick up labneh and marvel at the local spices.


Then it was back to the patio and a meeting of The Other Champagne Club.


But if you want to read about that, you’ll have to check out the TOCC blog.

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1 Response to A Quiet Day in Amman

  1. montserrat sobral says:

    It looks like a prefect day to me! šŸ™‚
    I miss a good falafel in Santiago, where I am living. I know a couple of places where I can find it but nothing compare to the one in your picture!!

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