I was fortunate enough to have a meeting in New York City and decided to stay on for a few extra days to enjoy the city. But first we had to get there, and the best flights took us through Toronto Island airport. While changing planes because of a flat tire – yes, a flat tire – I was able to take this picture of Toronto. The low hanging clouds masked the top of the CN Tower and many of the higher downtown buildings.


The first day in New York was dedicated fully to meetings, but once the work was out of the way, we took a day to just wander around Manhattan. We started by taking the subway from Grand Central Station down to the Brooklyn Bridge.


The cables on the Brooklyn Bridge create some rather interesting effects.



In some places, the effect feels almost as if you are in a cathedral.


And of course, from the Brooklyn Bridge, you have a perfect view of the Manhattan Bridge.


I also rather enjoy the many different types of architecture in Manhattan.




Sometimes you see details that you really don’t expect to see on a rooftop these days. At least I don’t.


You can’t forget Liberty…


And of course the parks in New York. The small…


… and the large.


But probably the most memorable sight of the day was One World Trade Center.


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2 Responses to NYC

  1. Lena says:

    The Broklyn Bridge is really beutiful and interesting. What an echivement in those days to build it. Great photos

  2. Thank you. It is very interesting, and we will definitely walk it again – though perhaps earlier in the day when it is less busy.

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