Feynan Lodge

Our next stop was Feynan lodge – a very interesting eco-lodge in southern Jordan. After a brief detour through Karak to pick up wine for the evening, we arrived at the lodge just in time for sunset.


The hills around Feynan are filled with copper, giving them a very interesting colour in the fading light.


Anytime you put me in front of a Jordanian sunset, you really can’t expect to get just one picture, so here is a second.


Later that night we watched the stars from the roof of the lodge. An amazing sight, but not one that photographs all that well.

Tomorrow we tour ancient copper mines.

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6 Responses to Feynan Lodge

  1. Lena says:

    Beautiful, really beautiful!

  2. Anabel Marsh says:

    All great pictures, but really love that last one.

  3. I really do love Jordanian sunsets…

  4. Nancy Mehuys says:

    Great picture very lovely !!!!!

  5. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

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