A Walk In The Park


Today may have involved a walk in the park, in the literal sense, but yesterday’s flight was neither a literal nor a metaphorical walk in the park. A simple 90 minute direct flight from Ottawa to Washington turned into a six hour marathon, complete with a “refueling” stop in Buffalo, after 45 minutes circling Washington. This is not exactly the direct route. Check it out on a map. I’ll admit that it would have taken longer to fly back to Ottawa to refuel, but not by much. I’m not complaining mind you. I made it to my Washington hotel yesterday – with a good 7 minutes to spare. I had visions of spending the night on an airport boarding lounge bench in Buffalo.


I really do like Washington, and there are many things it does extremely well. But clearing snow is not one of them. It looks very scenic on the north lawn of the White House, but not on a runway.

It’s obvious that Washington doesn’t get this much snow very often. The federal government was shut down for a snow day, which of course meant that everyone was out enjoying the snow.

IMG_0225It was a very pleasant walk into the office today, where of course I was one of only a handful of people who actually made it into work. Along the way I was able to enjoy the Washington architecture in the bright sunshine.


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1 Response to A Walk In The Park

  1. BuntyMcC says:

    If it was today in Prince Edward Island you wouldn’t be at work. We move snow well, but after 84 cm there’s not place to move it to!

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