Make The Best Of It

IMG_0152When your trip doesn’t work out quite as you’d hoped, you have a simple choice; focus on the inconvenience or embrace the opportunity. This often presents unusual opportunities. So when I found myself in a Miami airport hotel I decided to check out my balcony around sunset. I’m glad I did.


In spite of years of travel, there is still a bit of the wide-eyed little boy when I watch planes take off and land. Throw in a beautiful sunset, and I really can’t ask for more.



I would never take a trip just to watch planes land into the setting sun, but to be honest, it would almost be worth it.

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2 Responses to Make The Best Of It

  1. Amy says:

    Into the setting sun… Remarkable captures!

  2. Thank you. I was quite pleased with that one, though some of the others had more interesting color contrast. It turned out to be a surprisingly good location for taking pictures.

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