Sand and Snow


Two very different things. And yet, they have a surprising amount in common. Both can be severe, even deadly, or incredibly beautiful. Context is everything. Both can be an endless source of amusement for children. Put a child in an empty room, or on a bare filed of grass, and they will be instantly bored. But give that same child a pile of sand, or a snow bank, and they will be amused for hours. Sand castles and snow forts both hold the same fascination.


It is pretty much the same for adults, whether it be soaking up the sun or enjoying winter sports. But only in moderate doses. One of the best thing about a day in the desert is stepping into your air conditioned car or house. And of course, after a brisk walk in the cold, the fireplace is awfully appealing.

I really do love both sand and snow, but right about now, I could use a little more sand…

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