Sand In My Shoes


Sand in my shoes. It was all I had to remind me of an amazing day spent in Wadi Rum. Except for a few hundred pictures, that is.

I’ll admit that when I decided to visit Jordan, I wasn’t convinced Wadi Rum was worth including on the itinerary. I’d never heard of it, and it really didn’t sound all that interesting anyway. The dictionary defines a wadi as “the channel of a watercourse that is dry except during periods of rainfall”. Interesting? Not really. Especially when compared with places like Petra and Jerash.

It’s rather humbling to discover just how wrong you can be.

There are so many amazing things to see in Wadi Rum that you could never cover them all in a single blog post. So I’m not even going to try. Instead, I’ll show you one of my favorites – a crescent moon rising over red sandstone cliffs.


I’ve shown this photo to many people. Although it is impressive, there is no sense of scale. On the other hand, the next picture gives you a sense of just how massive the cliffs really are.


It has been difficult to find time to blog over the past month or so. Summer is a time when the real world overshadows the Internet. I think of that as a good thing. But as the days grow shorter, I find my thoughts drawn to past, and future, trips. I’ll try to find time to write about those in the days ahead.


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