A Slight Exaggeration

IMG_8071 015

Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little when I said I’d given up gardening. But I did give up a lot of my vegetable garden. The bunnies just love the tender pea and bean shoots. Even beets seem fair game. Ironically, they aren’t interested in carrots, but with everything else pretty much eaten, the only thing left for the worms was the carrots, so you can imagine how that turned out. Maybe it makes me a bad person, but after a few years I lost interest in feeding the local wildlife. So we switched to flowers. I can’t eat them, but then neither can the rabbits. And it makes the garden beautiful, not to mention my blog.

In case you’re wondering, the flower in the picture is a Gooseneck Loosestrife.


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6 Responses to A Slight Exaggeration

  1. Mona says:

    lovely flowers……….

  2. taphian says:

    we have this in our garden, too, and it’s a big attraction for bees and butterflies. It’s beautiful.

  3. Yes, the butterflies are especially fond of it.

  4. RCT says:

    I have a fix for your bunny problem. I can drop off a fox (or two or three …). Could fix your problem and mine !!!

  5. And it would be completely organic too.

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