Shades of Purple

IMG_7379 018

It’s strange how you never know. One of my more popular posts so far was simply titled “Purple”. Who knew it was such a popular color. But it got me thinking about just how many shades of purple I could find in the plants around me. Turns out to be quite a few. The picture immediately above was taken in my garden, while this one was taken at Umm Qais in Jordan.

Jordan 2013 - 0104

Between these extremes I found shades of purple all over the map – literally and figuratively – including Canada, Jordan and the USA. I hope you enjoy.

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2 Responses to Shades of Purple

  1. RCT says:

    Don’t forget my favourite purple, Deep Purple; as Smoke on the Water ….

  2. jmce says:

    How could I have missed that one?

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