Jordan 18 Apr 014

There isn’t any deep philosophical theme to today’s post, just a collection of interesting flowers, starting with this purple thistle. They are lovely to look at, but not so nice to walk through. This picture was taken at Umm Qais in Jordan.

Next, back in Canada, the Lilac’s are in bloom now. Their flowers are one of my favorite things about spring.

IMG_7305 006

Which brings me back to Jordan, where I spotted a very large tree with purple flowers near Pella. I’m not quite sure what it was – someone suggested that it might be a Black Locust. But whatever it is, I loved its wispy purple flowers.

Jordan 18 Apr 140

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2 Responses to Purple

  1. Jennie Saia says:

    Purple is my favorite color. Thank you for brightening my morning!

  2. jmce says:

    My pleasure.

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