Nuremberg Trials

It was a lovely sunny day in Nuremberg and about 13 degrees celsius – perfect for walking. Earlier in the week we had tried walking around the old city walls on the inside, and on the outside. I was surprised to discover that outside the walls, walking through the old moat, was far nicer. So we started our day by walking around the outside of the walls, stopping along the way to make a reservation for dinner at the restaurant we had enjoyed on the first night here.

City walls built in 1596
View from the moat outside the old city walls
An interesting repair to the city walls

The old moat around the city walls has effectively been turned into a park with walking/biking paths and community gardens. Lovely.

Somehow it seemed wrong to visit Nuremberg and not see the site of the Nuremberg Trials, so we walked out to the museum and spent the afternoon immersed in history. Not a light topic, but fascinating and well worth the time.

Room 600, site of the Nuremberg Trials

The walk to the museum took us along the river, with parks on either side. I could get used to this, and I suspect I’d be in far better shape if I could walk here every day.

After dinner, we treated ourselves to a final walk through the old city on the way back to our hotel. The cathedral was dark, but we could clearly hear organ music coming from inside. Very eerie.

I said it was a final walk through the old city, but that isn’t quite right. It may be the final walk for this visit, but we will be back.

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