Good Friday

It was Good Friday, and all the stores and museums in Nuremberg were closed today. So we walked around the walls of the old city, which are mostly still intact. We started by going just inside the walls and enjoying the architecture.

Decoration on a random building
A river runs through the center of Nuremberg
City walls, from the inside

And then, after lunch, we walked around the city again, on the outside this time. The path follows what was once the moat around the city.

City walls from the outside
The walls from the path along the moat

After a long day of walking, we had dinner at a small cafe along the river.

View from a bridge over the river

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2 Responses to Good Friday

  1. G&J says:

    It looks beautiful there. The weather looks pretty good as well!!

  2. The weather has been far better than the forecast suggested it would be, which is nice. Today was a bit cooler so it was a museum day. It is a very nice city – I’d highly recommend it.

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