We checked out of our hotel, and then went for another walk along the beach in Mount Maunganui.

Then it was a short drive down along the Bay of Plenty to Whakatane where we has a lovely lunch. All week we’ve been noticing that restaurants were all out of the salads on the menu. Today we discovered why. It is because of the Auckland floods. So we have finally discovered one area where the flooding is having an impact on our holiday. But, all considered, pretty minor.

After lunch, we headed out for … wait for it … a long walk along the beach.

The patterns in the sand always amaze me.

I’ll leave you with another flower picture as you ponder what we will do tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Whakatane

  1. Neha Chauhan says:

    Wow , great Nature Images !

  2. Thanks – glad you enjoy them. There is so much to work with in New Zealand. It’s an amazing place…

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