A Walk in The Park

Another sunny day in Auckland. I love the vegetation here, even though I have absolutely no idea what this is.

I’ve mentioned the floods before now and the fact that we really haven’t seem much in the way of damage. That isn’t quite accurate. We have seen signs of the recent cleanup efforts. The cut marks on these branches are clearly very recent.

And a closer look at the damage gives you a sense of how intense things must have been.

Today we walked through Auckland up to the War Museum, which is situated in a large park, of course. The park had a number of Maori themed sculpture.

As we were walking through the park we heard someone playing a flute on a bench along the path. It was lovely to hear.

The museum is called the Auckland War Memorial Museum, but when we went inside, it was far more than that. The entire ground floor was dedicated to a history of the Māori and how they came to New Zealand. Fascinating.

On the walk back we marveled at the trees. These pictures include people to give you a sense of scale.

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  1. G&J says:

    Those are some crazy trees!

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